1.     What are the typical requirements for a course?

Each course requires 10-20 hours of pre-course work, 6 hours of class time, and a final exam.  After completing the online registration for a course, students will receive an email with a Microsoft Word document.  This study guide will consist of approximately 50-80 questions.  Students must read the textbook(s), type their answers to the questions, and print out their completed study guide before coming to the SOM weekend.  They must turn in their completed study guide upon arrive.  Attend both Friday evening and Saturday morning sessions, and successfully take the exam.  Exams are typically 50 questions answered on a Scantron sheet for quick grading.

2.     What does a SOM weekend look like?

Students arrive and turn in their completed study guides prior to 6:00 on Friday evening of the SOM weekend. They will attend class 6:00-9:30 Friday evening and 9:00-noon Saturday.  The exams are taken around 11:15 on Saturday so most students are ready to leave by noon.

3.     Why 3 different levels?

The three levels correspond with the three different levels of ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God.  Level 1 classes will meet the credentialing requirements for the Certified Minister’s credential; Level 2 classes (in addition to level 1 courses) will meet the requirements for Licensure; and, Level 3 classes (in addition to levels 1 and 2) will meet the requirements for Ordination.  Students do not have to be pursuing credentials in order to benefit from AGKSOM classes.

4.     Where do we meet?

We meet at 3810 Walker Avenue in Maize, Kansas on the outskirts of Wichita.  This is the headquarters for the Assemblies of God Kansas Network (AGK Network).

5.     What lodging is nearby?

Out-of-town students are encouraged to stay at Holiday Inn Express located at 10750 Hampton Lakes Road in Maize, Kansas.  Mention that you are there for the Assemblies of God Kansas School of Ministry.  The rates are typically $89 per night.  This is the closest hotel.  Some students may choose to stay at Wheat State Camp for around $20 per person per night but keep in mind the campground is 35 minutes away.  Other hotels can be found in northwest Wichita.  Sharing rooms with other students may help reduce overnight costs.

6.     What textbooks do I have to buy?

The required textbook for each course can be found on our Bookstore link by keying in the level of classes and what month they are attending.  Textbook information is also included in the email when a student registers for the class.  Textbooks are listed in the main catalog but students should always check the online bookstore for updates.  Students are welcome to order textbooks from any source but we encourage the use of the ISBN# when ordering to ensure the proper edition.  Textbooks can cost anywhere from $5 to $50 but the average is around $20.

7.     When is the registration deadline?

Students must register at least 4 weeks in advance of the scheduled SOM weekend.  Generally speaking then, a course meeting on March 15 will have a deadline of February 15.  The four weeks will give the student time to get their pre-coursework done.

8.     Are the classes accredited?

AGKSOM classes are institute level and are not accredited for college purposes.  That said, students who plan to attend an Assembly of God college (Evangel, Southwestern A/G, Southeastern, etc.) are often able to get “life experience” credit for the classes (typically a year of AGKSOM classes, 9 classes, will translate into 9 credit hours).  Students interested are encouraged to contact AGKSOM administration or the A/G college of their choice in advance of taking SOM classes to determine if college credit can be granted.

9.     When should I start?

Students can start with any given month of classes. 

10.  Is AGKSOM only for those pursuing ministerial credentials?

No.  Students can grow in their ministry and biblical knowledge without intent on credentials.  Nearly half of our students will not pursue credentials.  We offer two tracks outside of the three levels:  Certificate in Biblical Studies (focuses on taking the Bible study courses every month from the different levels) and a Certificate in Practical Ministry (focuses on taking the ministry training courses every month from the different levels).

11.  How do I apply for credentials with the Kansas Assemblies of God?

Receiving ministerial credentials is a separate process from AGKSOM.  Successful completion of AGKSOM does not guarantee ministerial credentials.  AGKSOM merely meets the educational requirements for credentialing.  Upon completion of an entire level, students may contact Robin Rains at the AGK Network office at robin@agkansas.com or 316-945-8999 to request information or an application for credentials.

12.  What is the cost of AGKSOM?

Each course is $65 plus the purchase of their textbook.  Students not in close proximity to Wichita may have to consider hotel costs.

13.  What if I miss a course?

Unfortunately, AGKSOM classes are only offered one time per year.  If a student is working toward ministerial credentials and doesn’t want to wait until the following year, they could consider taking that courses through Global University as an institute level course (Berean School of the Bible).  Email AGKSOM administration for additional options.

14.  Can I use an ebook?

Yes with some stipulations.  We encourage students to be frugal and get the best deal on their books.  However, some ebooks are equipped with search functions that could aid the student in locating study guide answers without them reading and processing the entirety of the curriculum.  Ebooks may be used, but the search technology may not be used.  Skirting the educational process required is considered unethical.