Your Neighbor

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M-16’s or John 3:16?

From junk mail in the post office box to spam in the “in-box”, we face an unrelenting bombardment of appeals and offers. Most of them have little value, but occasionally one comes our way that has potential to actually assist in fulfilling Great Commission work. This note  represents one such resource.

Retired world missionary, and native Kansan Jerry Falley, recently developed for “market place” followers of Jesus. The AGK and three other districts helped sponsor development of the site. provides people in the pews with real-time help for connecting with F.R.A.N.’s (Friends, Relatives, Associates, Neighbors) to the Kingdom. It especially helps us connect F.R.A.N.’s that moved to the USA from language groups resistant to the gospel back in their homeland. provides a more effective anti-terrorist strategy than anything politics or the military can imagine. John 3:16 is ALWAYS preferable to an M-16!

Please post slides of or include the address in your Sunday service guide. Please consider playing the 1 minute, 47 seconds video about the opportunities available for AGK people to make an impact on F.R.A.N., especially the New Americans. God has brought the world to Kansas. AGK people, equipped with Spirit power and using a simple strategy, will take advantage of God’s mass orchestration of human availability for gospel influence Please check it out and then, please, promote it to your people. They will thank you. F.R.A.N. eventually will thank you!

 For connecting lost people to His presence,

Terry L. Yancey
AGK Network Superintendent