* We will not provide childcare but will provide space for parents to tend to the needs of babies and energetic children that need a break from the activities involved in such a crucial gathering.


Dear AGK Family,

We stand in close proximity to the coming of Jesus and much of the North American church slumbers and stagnates while culture stumbles hopelessly toward judgement. Therefore, in the spirit of Joel 2:1, & 12-17, I request this entire Network gather for Sacred Assembly: a day of repentance, prayer, and seeking God on Monday, January 11, 2016.

We will worship, declare the Word, pray, share spiritual progress, and pray some more in cycles throughout the day and into the evening. The Tab will reverberate with worship, repentance, intercession, humility, joy, and faith! This prayer and fasting Sacred Assembly deserves the drive time, workers taking valuable vacation time, shutting down an office, pulling older children from school, grandparents arranging their schedule to attend so that this Network Family can participate in part of all this experience at Wheat State Camp tabernacle.