AGK School of Ministry
Wichita, KS

AGK School of Ministry is a practical, schedule-friendly educational experience designed to help you answer God's call to ministry.


Augusta, ks

The heartbeat of FullCircle is creating next-generation leaders; instilling a pioneer spirit – becoming people with a heart and faith to pursue the unclaimed. We desire to develop young people into their full potential; helping them grow in their gifts, talents, and most importantly their relationship with Jesus Christ.  

SAGU Wichita
Wichita, KS

SAGU Wichita is located at Bethel Life Center, just minutes from downtown Wichita, Kansas. We are committed to engaging and serving the local churches and communities in this Midwestern Metropolitan area. Our students are provided many unique ministry opportunities along with an accredited education that all leads to making a difference for Christ.

SAGU Topeka
Topeka, KS

At SAGU Topeka, we believe that every student deserves quality, affordable education and practical ministry training opportunities. We want to equip the next generation to truly follow after God with all of their heart, mind, and soul.