The Network Development Coaching Cadre is dedicated to serving our pastors and churches by helping them reach their missional destiny.  We all have somewhere we want to go.  Maybe we want to improve our leadership skills.  Maybe we want to start a new ministry within the church or take it to the next level.  Maybe we want to improve a particular skill set.  Maybe we feel called to plant a church or work to revitalize a current church experience.  So how can coaching help get you there?

A coaching relationship:

  • Provides encouragement for the journey
  • Cultivates wisdom and strategic insights
  • Discovers breakthrough opportunities
  • Maintains focus on the truly important issues
  • Transforms vision into reality through a process of discovery and accountability

A coach helps others find a way to get where they want to go.  Through the art of focused listening, powerful questions, and strategic insights, a coach helps individuals to get moving and accomplish their goals.

AGK Network Development is now accepting applications to secure a coach and start a coaching relationship. Fill out the application and we will help find the right coach for your development needs.  You can find the application on the "Find a Coach" page.  

With coaching people gain traction and momentum in life and ministry.