Imagine if every AGK leader had coaching skills.  Imagine if every parent had coaching skills and parents could coach each other.  Imagine if every evangelist had coaching skills.  We know that conversational dialogue-- a coaching approach-- is the best way to reach people in our increasingly secular society.  Imagine the potential.  Imagine every level of the organization strengthened by coaching.  Church planters coaching and developing new church planters resulting in more new churches.  AGK coaches coaching churches toward increased health and raising up more coaches so the process can be spread to even more churches.  Pastoral staff coaching lay leaders to ensure a next generation of leadership for the church.  Imagine the vast impact of a strong, self-replicating coaching system in all areas of ministry.  And it all starts with you receiving the right training.

AGK Network Development is now accepting applications for Standard Coach Training in partnership with CoachNet Global.  If you are interested in discovering the energizing experience of being a quality coach, please click on the "Become a Coachlink and fill out the on-line registration form.  We would love to have you on the AGK Coaching Cadre Team!